Tempo for team leads and resource managers

As a team lead you want to ensure that your team members work more efficiently everyday. Team leads need to be aware of working patterns ahead and view high level plans. Team leads need to be aware of the allocations of their team members, spotting bottlenecks in their availability. Team leads need to have control of planned efforts and track the team's activities and make sure that they align with the company's strategy. But as a team lead you may also want to forecast the costs of your teams and track expenses and revenue.

Tempo provides several solutions to meet these needs. It is important to understand the team concept in Tempo and how you should setup your teams in order to achieve your goals. Adding, configuring and maintaining teams and team roles is an easy job in Tempo.

With Tempo Timesheets you are able to track the time of your teams. In the report section you can view your team and team members effort. With setting the correct JIRA project permission settings you may want to ensure that team members are not allowed to see each others worklogs. Logging work is focused to be easy and painless for your team members. Timesheets also offers an approval process for the team member’s timesheets that allows you to approve submitted timesheets for your team members. With the Tempo gadgets a team lead can see the team’s worklogs and progress at a glance. Active users may also look at their own timesheets and progress in the same manner.

With Tempo Planner you are able to plan all work ahead for your team and your team members in a convenient way on the team timeline. Plans can be prioritized by ordering them on the timeline. Tempo Planner also allows to create recurring plans for recurring events. With Tempo programs you get a high level overview of your team plans and planning your versions for your teams. The capacity report shows all team and team member allocations and to spot available resources. Tempo Planner integrates well with JIRA sprints. Creating a team plan for a JIRA sprint will import all JIRA issues from the JIRA sprint and Tempo Planner will automatically place the issues to be worked according to the ranking on the sprint timeline in the backlog view. Tempo Planners backlog will inform team leads on the current progress of a sprint and spot free availabilities and over-allocations for each team member. Therefore it is important to use Tempo Timesheets as a time tracking tool to update the JIRA issues effort and remaining estimate alongside its progress. Tempo also offers various gadgets that give you an overview of team worklogs and the team's plans.

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