Tempo for Jira and Tempo administrators

As an administrator, you can tailor your Jira instance according to your users’ needs, as they might have different roles in your company. Tempo has many solutions for team leads, account managers, project managers, financial officers and end users. You should ensure you have identified those needs before you proceed with your configuration of the the Tempo add-ons. The guidelines below take you through all available and necessary administration steps with a detailed information on the purpose for those settings.

After the installation of our Tempo add-ons you will need to check several settings before you can roll out Tempo functionality to other users within the company.

To begin with you will need to determine the global Tempo roles permission in the Jira Administration > System settings section. The Tempo administration roles restrict permissions for the Tempo administration section, the permission to add and configure Tempo Teams and the permission to add and configure Tempo Accounts. You should create separate JIRA groups for these permission groups.

Below you find administrative tasks to be done depending on your installed Tempo products.

Tempo Timesheets

  • Activate the time tracking option within your JIRA instance.
  • Before you roll out Tempo Timesheets you should read through all the available Timesheet settings in the Tempo administration section (including the sub-chapters) and discuss the possible options with your company's stakeholders.

Tempo Planner

  • If you only have Tempo Planner installed, the initial setup is a little bit easier. In this case you only need to consider setting up the workload and holidays schemes and the team roles for your Jira users. Also, it is important to note that you need to ensure that you and your team lead(s) understand the Tempo capacity calculations especially when Jira users share multiple teams.

 As a Jira administrator you are also responsible for all Jira related, Jira project related settings and administrative tasks. Check with other stakeholders of your Jira instance to configure some additional settings within your Jira instance.

  • Restriction on other users' worklogs or permissions to view or edit other worklogs need to be configured in JIRA project permission scheme.
  • Tempo comes with three JIRA custom fields with its add-ons. JIRA field configurations scheme can be set up and assigned to JIRA projects to make specific JIRA custom fields required in the JIRA issue creation dialog screen.
  • The JIRA project notification scheme also affects Tempo worklogs. Setting up notification rules on worklog events will trigger an automated email.

Set the Jira issue status categories. The Tempo team board and the Tempo backlog view show all Jira issues according to their issue status categories.

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