Approving timesheets in Slack

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud

Required permission: View All Worklogs

Tempo is designed to help teams manage time-tracking with as little effort as possible, and Tempo for Slack makes it even easier. As a Team Lead, you can ask Tempo to list timesheet approvals by period and status for your team and quickly approve (or reject it) timesheets with a single click. 


To approve (or reject) timesheets from Slack:

  1. Click Tempo and type 'list approvals'. Of course, since Tempo is a Slack bot, you can just say "hey, Tempo!" and it will offer you a choice of actions.
  2. Click the List approvals button to display team member timesheet summary and status information.
  3. Select the desired period and approval status from the drop-downs.
  4. Click Approve or Reject.











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