Planning work in the My Work calendar

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud 

As well as giving you an overview of logged work, the My Work Calendar view also lets you quickly plan work for yourself.

To access the Calendar:

  1. Select Tempo > My Work or click My_Work_Icon.png on the Tempo Sidebar to the left.
  2. Select the Calendar view at the top-right.

To plan work in the calendar

You can plan work for yourself in the Calendar from the List view :

  1. Select the List view Screen_Shot_2017-06-27_at_1.44.47_PM.png of the Calendar.
  2. Hover over + icon on the desired date to display the Log Work/Plan Work toggle. Click Plan Work.
  3. In the Plan Work dialog, select an issue or project. The Date is automatically filled with the current date, but you can select the Period option to plan work for a period you define. When you choose to plan for a period:
    -You can also opt to include non-working days in your initial plan. This option appears when you specify a date-range that includes non-working days.

    -You can plan time in hours per day, or based on a total number of hours. When you choose total hours, the total is divided equally by the number of days planned for.

    -If enabled by your administrator, you can also specify start and end times for your planned work. This is especially useful for time-sensitive tasks, or simply to plan out your day in detail.

  4. Select a reviewer if you need to have your plan approved. Tempo sends an email notification to the reviewer.
  5. Select Plan Work to add a "Plans" Work Log card to the calendar for the current day, or each day you have planned for in the period. Your planned work is also displayed in the Planner Timeline view.
    Note: When created, your plan is saved as a fixed number of hours per day. You cannot  edit a plan created for a period as a whole, but you can edit the the number of hours planned for on any given day, or choose to delete a selected day in a planned period, or delete the whole period plan.



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