How does Tempo integrate with the Time Spent field in Jira?

Tempo integrates with the Time Spent field in Jira although the worklogs themselves are stored on our servers. All worklogs created will automatically be included in the Time Spent field.

Please note that Tempo does not sync the Tempo worklogs back to Jira and will not modify the issues. Syncing Tempo worklogs back to Jira would introduce a lot of issues - including timezone and performance issues - and render our permission and internal issue structures redundant.

Additionally, we find it very important to keep the worklog data of other users unidentifiable for users that do not have View All Worklogs permission. By syncing the Tempo worklogs back to Jira, the worklog owner would be displayed for any user on the instance with Browse Project permission, and a user without the View All Worklogs permission would have access to all worklogs for the issue via Jira APIs.

If you are a user without View All Worklogs permission, you can see the worklog history of an issue in the History and Activity tabs within the issue. Any time logged against the issue will be shown here with the username recorded as "Timesheets".

The following Time Spent features in Jira will reflect work logged in Tempo:

  • Jira Burndown Chart
  • Fetching Time Spent on issue via Jira APIs
  • Time Spent and Total Time Spent JQLs in Jira
  • Any data shown in Time Spent and Total Time Spent columns in Jira issue search
  • Time Spent field on board cards
  • Integrations using Time Spent field
  • Jira Gadgets showing Time Spent field



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