Logging work with Tempo's tracker for Chrome

Working with Tempo for Chrome trackers  

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud

You can track progress on your JIRA issues in real-time directly from the Tempo tracker bar pinned to the bottom-right of your Chrome browser. Trackers in Chrome work similarly to those available from the issue view, but since the tracker is a Chrome extension it remains visible at the bottom right of your browser at all times. You can easily navigate between JIRA views and track work on ongoing issues without spending extra time searching for them. 

  1. Click Start Tracking to open a first tracker and start the timer. If you are in an issue view, or if you have selected an issue from a board, the tracker automatically begins tracking time on that issue.
    You can click the '+' button to the right of the tracker to start another tracker at any time. The timer starts immediately; simply click the pause button when you want to stop working on an issue for a time, then click play to continue working. If you have several trackers running, a scroll bar appears.
  2. Click the expand icon to open the tracker window to select or search for an issue from the Select issue drop-down field. You can select a different issue at any time while the tracker is running. To go to the issue view, simply click on the issue key.
  3. Enter information in the description field as you work, or before you log work. Tempo for Chrome makes it easy to switch between JIRA issues without having to navigate to the Issue view. You can easily pause the tracker, work on other issues, then resume your work at a later time. 
  4. When you are ready to log work, click the green check-mark to open the Create Worklog window. All fields are pre-populated with the information from your tracker. If satisfied, click Submit to log your work in your timesheet. The tracker is automatically deleted.

Note: If you are working on multiple issues, you can click the '>>' expand/collapse button at the extreme right of the tracker to hide the trackers and maximize your view of the JIRA screen. When hidden, the button displays a badge showing the number of trackers in use.


Simply click the button to view all trackers again.

If you have added a Tempo Tracker gadget to your dashboard, active trackers for Chrome are added to it automatically. For more information, see Logging work with trackers.

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