Approving plans for your team

To enable plan approvals

The plan approvals feature allows users to select a reviewer for their plans. The reviewer receives an email notification to approve or deny approval for that plan.

Tempo Administrators can select whether to enable or disable Plan Approval in the Tempo Settings menu. 

  1. Select Tempo > Tempo Settings or click Settings_Icon.png in the sidebar to the left. 
  2. Under Planning on the left sidebar, select Plan Approval.
  3. Click the Plan Approval checkbox to disable or enable the feature.


To request approval for a plan

Anyone can create plans for themselves within a team. Anyone who has the Manage Team Plans permissions for the team can plan time for others on the team. If Plan Approval is enabled, the person who creates the plan can select an approver for the plan.

Learn more about Teams permissions here.



To approve a plan

After a plan is submitted for your approval, you will be prompted to approve or reject the plan in the Team Timeline.

  • You will receive an email notification. You can click the link in the notification to go to the Team > Timeline view.
  • Selects the plan to be approved in the Timeline.
  • In the Plan Details sidebar that appears on the right, click the Status field and either Accept or Reject the plan. Accepting or Rejecting a plan sends a notification to the user.Screen_Shot_2017-08-16_at_11.14.56_AM.png
  • If appropriate, the user or the plan approver can change the plan approver to another person with the Approve Plans permission for that team. Changing the plan approver will send a notification to both the plan approver and the user.




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