Planning work from the issue view

Required Tempo product: Tempo Planner

Required permissions: None

Using Tempo Planner any user can plan work for themselves.

You do not require any special permissions to create User Plans. This article has more information about creating plans for a team.

You can plan work for yourself from the Issue View, the Team Timeline or the My Work Calendar view.

To plan work in the issue view 

  1. In the issue, scroll down to the Plans section and click the Screen_Shot_2017-07-28_at_1.00.49_PM.pngbutton.
  2. This opens the Plan Work dialog. Fill in the requested information. The Date is automatically filled with the current date, but you can check the Period option to plan work for a period you define. When you choose to plan for a period:
    - You can opt to include non-working days in your plan. This option appears when you specify a date-range that includes non-working days.
    - You can plan time in hours per day, or based on a total number of hours.
    -If enabled by your administrator, you can also specify start and end times for your planned work. This is especially useful for time-sensitive tasks, or simply to plan out your day in detail.
  3. Select a reviewer to have your plan approved. Tempo sends an email notification to the reviewer.
  4. Click Plan Work to save your plan. 
    -Your planned work will also be displayed in the team timeline, and in your My Work Calendar. 


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