Why do I get errors about closed periods when trying to log work?

There are three possible reasons why you cannot log time during a specific reporting period. In each case, an error message is displayed when you try to log work from within an issue, and you will not be able to use the Log Work/Plan Work dialog in My Work:


The period is has been manually closed


If your Tempo Administrator has closed the relevant period in period management, you cannot log work for that period. For more information about manually opening and closing timesheet periods, see this article.


A reporting period defined by an administrator has been automatically closed by the Scheduler


If the Scheduler has automatically closed the a defined period, you cannot log work. The Scheduler can be configured to automatically close periods by a Tempo Administrator. For more information about configuring the Scheduler, see this article.


Your timesheet is not in an open status


If your timesheet status is not Open and has a Waiting for Approval or Approved status you will not be able to log any time during that period. You may log time again if:

  • Your Administrator sets your status back to Open using the Reopen button from the Teams > Approvals screen.
  • You Administrator grants you extra time to complete your timesheet past the official ending period. For more information on granting grace periods, please see this article.


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