Saving custom reports

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud

Required permission: View All Worklogs and Browse Project 

You can build a library of custom reports and use them to quickly generate regular reports using both fixed and floating date periods. All saved custom reports are saved to the My Library section of the Reports overview page for quick access. You can sort your reports by Name, Date created or Last viewed, and display them in ascending or descending order. 

Saving a custom report

  1. Select Tempo > Reports, or click the Reports icon on the Tempo sidebar at the left. 
  2. From the Reports view, click Custom Report to setup your report. Refer to Creating reports for more information.
  3. Click the  Save as button to display the Save report dialog. Give your report a title, then click Save report.


Editing a saved report

You can edit a saved report and view results immediately, and then choose to update the saved report or create a new one.

  1. Edit the report as desired. The custom report name is labeled "edited" .
  2. Click the Save dropdown arrow: you can choose to save the report, save as a new custom report, discard your changes or delete the edited report.





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