Exporting and printing reports

Exporting a report to PDF, CSV, Excel or to Print

You can export reports for posterity, or to keep working with Tempo data in a different format. There are four export options available: PDF, CSV, or Excel (both XLSX and XLS) and Print.

The CSV and Excel options are designed to allow you to send your Tempo data to another system for additional processing. The name of the file generated includes the saved report's name and the reporting period dates.

Note: When you export to CSV, select UTF-8 file encoding when given a choice.

If you want to share a report for review or print a snapshot of the current state, you can quickly generate a PDF or print-ready view.

  1. At top-right, click the Export button. Screen_Shot_2017-06-28_at_4.14.05_PM.png
  2. In the dialog box that appears, select the desired export option: PDF, CSV, XLSX, XLS or Create Printable View. You can also access the export options by clicking the dropdown button.

If you export your report in Excel format, Tempo will create a file with two tabs - Worklogs and Users. Worklogs will show the exported data with the Worklog column as the primary key, and Users will show the exported data with the Fullname of the User as a primary key.

Printing reports

When you select Create Printable View, Tempo creates a print-ready view and displays directly in a Print dialog. Your printed report includes:

  • Page numbers
  • Date the report is created
  • List of filters and groups applied.


You can print a report in List or Grid view. Printing a report in Grid view is optimized for one month of timesheet data. Be sure to set the layout to landscape.

Printing is optimized for Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers, although results for longer periods and large reports may vary according to each browser's print implementation.




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