Logging work in the User Timesheet

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud

When you want to see the current period at a glance, or quickly log work on an issue that you work on daily, or spans a period of a longer period of time, you can do so easily from the User Timesheet view. 

  1. Select Tempo > My Work or click the My Work icon on the Tempo Sidebar to the left.
  2. On the right side, change the selection from Calendar to Timesheet”.
  3. On the right side, locate and click Log Work.

The Log Work dialog is displayed.


  • In the Issue field, find the issue you want to log work on and enter the amount of time worked.
  • In the Description field, enter a description of the time logged.
  • To create work logs for recurring work on multiple days, check the Period box. The period will extend from the Date until the End Date.
  • Enter the amount of time worked on the task:
    • By start and end times: fill out the From and To fields. The hours worked will be calculated automatically.
    • By time worked: fill out the Worked field. The start or end time will be automatically calculated based upon the amount of time worked.
  • Enter a Remaining estimate for the time left remaining for the task, or one can be calculated for you based upon the Original estimate.
  • To immediately open up another Log Work dialog after saving, click on Log another.

The time fields default to the current time. If you want to create a work log that starts late one day and finishes early the next morning you should enter the start and end times manually.



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