Logging work using HipChat

Logging work using Tempo for Hipchat is effortless. You will see My timesheet on the right-hand of any room within Hipchat. As you log your work hours, you will see a blue bar filling up until you have logged all the required hours for that day.

You can click on the left and right arrows on either side of the date to cycle through your logs. Clicking on the date will open a menu where you can choose to come back to today's date, in case you were looking at another date, or choose to open My Work. This will take you to the calendar view in Timesheets.

There are two ways to log work in My timesheet. You can start a tracker to (a) log work right away or (b) choose to fill a worklog for a task that has already been completed.

(a) If you would like to start a tracker for work you are doing right away, enter a task name into the Add task field at the bottom of the column and press enter. A tracker will appear and you can start tracking time. Once you are done, click the pause button and then the check mark to fill in that worklog.

(b) If you would like to fill a worklog for a previous task, enter the task name into the Add task field and click on +, which will allow you to choose to fill a worklog. Fill in the required information and click Log Work to save or Cancel to dismiss that worklog.

Linking your account

You need to link your HipChat account to your Tempo account in order to track time using Tempo for HipChat. This happens automatically if you use the same email address for both accounts. If not, you will see a dialogue in the My timesheet column informing you that your accounts have not been linked. Please contact your Tempo or HipChat administrator to fix this problem.

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