Logging work using Tempo Mobile

Required Tempo product: Tempo Mobile

Tempo Mobile is an app that allows you to sync your mobile device to Tempo Timesheets. You can use Tempo Mobile to log work on existing JIRA issues, track Tempo Plans, and convert calendar entries from Google and Office 365 to worklogs. You can also use worklogs and trackers to log work on the fly.

It is available for Android and Apple.

Connecting the Tempo Mobile App to Tempo Timesheets

Before you can use the Tempo mobile app you must link it to Tempo Timesheets:

  1. Click Menu > Settings > Connect to Tempo
  2. Select either the Cloud or Server option.
  3. Enter your JIRA URL, then press Next.
  4. Enter your JIRA username and password.
    Note: You can verify your JIRA username from your JIRA profile page.  At the top-right of the JIRA main menu, click your profile icon and select Profile. 

Navigating the Calendar

The Tempo mobile app allows you to see upcoming events and logged time using the Calendar. You can access the calendar using Menu > Calendar.

The calendar is available in day view, week view, and month view. The default setting is week view. You can switch between the views by clicking on the date title and selecting the view from the drop-down list. Previous and successive dates can be viewed by using the left and right brackets surrounding the date.

The calendar can contain cards - these are trackers, worklogs, plans, and events inherited from Google Calendars or Office 365. Days that are linked to cards are indicated with a blue dot below the date.

Each card for the selected date is displayed below the calendar. A card can include detailed information such as start time, end time, duration, description, and a linked JIRA issue.

  • Click anywhere on the body of the card for more information, or to make changes to the card.
  • Click on the icon at bottom-right to view or edit the JIRA issue linked to the card.
  • Click on the Play/Pause icon on Tracker cards to start or stop the timer.


Creating and editing trackers

Trackers are timers that start when you create them, and allow you to automatically track the amount of time you are working, as well as what you will be working on, and any associated JIRA issues.

You can use the Tempo mobile app to add a tracker to your Calendar. To create a tracker in the Calendar:

Add (+) > Tracker

The tracker appears as a card in your Calendar view. You can select if you want the tracker to start tracking time immediately, or if you want to manually start the tracker in MenuSettings.

Once you have created a tracker, you can edit it to provide information about what you are working on and link it to JIRA issues. To edit a tracker:

  1. In the Calendar, click on the Tracker icon on the card you want to edit.
  2. Add or change information and click on Update Tracker.


Creating and editing worklogs

Worklogs are used to record time spent working and what was worked on, as well as any linked JIRA issues. You can use the Tempo mobile app to add a worklog to your Calendar. To create a Worklog in Calendar:

  1. Add (+) > Worklog

The worklog will now appear as a card in your Calendar view.

Before you can save your new worklog, however, you must add a description of what you worked on and the amount of time worked. You must also link the Worklog to a JIRA issue. You can list the time worked by Duration, using start and end times, or by Range, using minutes and hours.

To edit an existing worklog:

  1. In the Calendar, click on the worklog icon [icon here] on the card you want to edit.
  2. Add or change information and click on Update Worklog.


Linking calendar events to JIRA issues

When you create new Google Calendar event, you can automatically link it to an existing JIRA issue. This can be done in two ways:

  1. In the title of the calendar event, place the JIRA issue identifier within brackets, for example: “PTO [INT-2]”.
  1. From the description box within a calendar event, enter the URL of the JIRA issue you want to assign to that event, for example, “https://yourcompanyname.atlassian.net/browse/INT-2”.

Your calendar event will now be linked to the JIRA issue when viewed in Tempo Timesheets or the Tempo mobile app.


Converting meetings into worklogs

Once you have connected the Tempo mobile app to a Google Calendar, you can convert your calendar items into worklogs. The calendar items appear in the Calendar view as cards. To convert a meeting into a worklog:

  1. In the Calendar, click on the meeting you want to convert into a worklog.
  2. If you wish, add a description in the What were you working on? field and review the time worked.
  3. If you haven’t already [linked a JIRA issue to the calendar event], select a JIRA issue to link by using Select JIRA Issues.
  4. Click on Convert Event to Worklog.

Note: worklogs will support all custom attributes, with the exception of those using dynamic dropdown menus and external Javascript. The Billable Time attribute is supported by the app, but not available to be edited by users. 

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