Logging work in the My Work Calendar

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud 

The Calendar view gives you a quick overview of the current week. You can view logged work at a glance, and in the list view you can view any planned work. It lets you:

  • Create new worklogs or planned tasks directly in the calendar list view, or create new work logs at and for a specific time period in the calendar time view.
  • Create worklogs by dragging a suggested issue from the Issues sidebar into a date column or time slot.

You can toggle the calendar view between list view and time view by clicking the icons at the upper-right.


To log or plan work in the Calendar date view:

  1. Select Tempo > My Work or click My_Work_Icon.pngon the Tempo Sidebar to the left.
  2. Select Calendar to display the Calendar view.
  3. Click on the date column to display the add "+" button, then click "+" to choose Log Work or Plan Work. The appropriate dialog is displayed.


You can also drag frequently used or suggested issues onto a date, or date and time, from the Issues sidebar at the right. The sidebar contains issues organized by type (from predefined JQL searches). If you have configured a Jira activity stream, the most recent issues from the activity stream are displayed under My Activities.  


The Issues sidebar is collapsed by default, but Tempo remembers the last state, and stores it with your preferences. To expand or collapse the Issues Sidebar, click the expand/collapse button at the bottom-right.


Moving a Worklog

You can move worklogs between the dates displayed:

  1. Click and drag the worklog to the desired date. If you are in the Calendar time view, you can also move worklogs to another time slot.

Using the Log Work dialog

  1. Select an issue.
  2. Enter the values in the default fields.
  3. Note - if the log work dialog contains work attributes or billable hours, remember to enter or select a value.
  4. Click Save if you have finished or click Cancel to close without saving.

Copying a Worklog

  1. Click and hold the worklog you want to copy.
  2. Press "cmd" on a Mac or "ctrl" on Windows.
  3. Move the worklog to the desired date or time slot then release.

Editing or deleting the Worklog Cards

To edit a worklog:

  1. Click the card to edit the description and time information. 

To delete a worklog:

  1. Hover over the worklog. Click the "X" that appears at the top-right corner.



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