Using Issue Suggestions

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud

The Issues suggestion sidebar is available to the right side of the Tempo Calendar in My Work. It is collapsed by default, but Tempo remembers its last state and will display it as it was stored with your preferences. The filters available to you at first are Internal Issues, Recently Viewed Issues, Watched Issues and My Activities.

You can expand these filters by clicking on their names. This will show their issues, which can be dragged into the calendar as needed when creating worklogs. You can also reorder these filters by clicking the gear icon and add Jira custom filters to display issues according to your needs.

Adding Jira custom filters

Jira custom filters allow you to display a selection of issues based on your preferences.

  1. Click the gear icon in the Issue suggestion bar to enter the Configure mode.
  2. Click on the Add Filter sub-menu.
  3. Choose the Jira custom filter you wish to display in the sidebar.
  4. It will be displayed immediately below and you can select its position within the sidebar by clicking and dragging it to the desired place.
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