Tempo for HipChat

Learn more about linking HipChat and Tempo accounts 

Learn more about My timesheet


Learn more about linking HipChat and Tempo accounts

Required Tempo product: Tempo Timesheets for Cloud

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

Please note: if your version of Tempo Timesheets for Cloud does not include the Tempo sidebar, Tempo for Hipchat is not available to you. Once you are migrated to our new cloud version, you will get access to Tempo for Hipchat. You can find more information about migrations here.

You can set up Tempo for Hipchat to enable your organization to connect people, processes, and work tools in a single space. This places time-tracking directly where work is being discussed, helping you manage smarter. To install Tempo for Hipchat, complete the following instructions:

  1. Visit the Apps page on your JIRA Cloud instance.
  2. Click the '+' button for Tempo for HipChat.
  3. Click Enable. The Hipchat login window will open. Enter your credentials.
  4. A pop-up will ask you where you would like to install the plugin. The “Global (all rooms)” option is pre-selected for you and will ensure that Tempo for Hipchat is available for all your users. Click on Continue to install or Cancel to stop.
  5. Once that is done, click on the Configure tab and connect the Tempo for Hipchat plugin to your JIRA instance.
  6. After your instance is connected, the system will show how many of your users have had their JIRA accounts and Hipchat accounts automatically connected - which enables them to log their time directly in Hipchat. Here you can choose to manually link those that use different credentials for each service right away or do that at a later time.

Your Tempo for Hipchat plugin is ready for use. You can inform your users that they can now track time from within Hipchat.



Learn more about My timesheet

Tempo for Hipchat allows your users to instantly see their status, if they are behind on logging hours, offering a quick way to log their work effortlessly from Hipchat without having to open Timesheets.

From any Hipchat room, users will see My timesheet on the right-hand side. As they log their hours, a blue bar will be filled in under the specified date until they have logged the required hours for that day.

Users are also able to click on the left and right arrows to the side of each date to cycle through their logs. They can also click on the date to bring them back to today, if they are looking at a different date, or choose to open My Work, which will take them to their timesheet in the connected JIRA instance.

At the bottom of the My timesheet column, users can log work by entering a task name into the Add task field. If they press enter, a tracker will appear and they can press play to start logging time. If they decide to instead click on +, they can choose to either start a tracker or fill in a work log in case they would like to enter a task that has already been completed.

Note: In case the user has not yet had his or her Hipchat account linked to a Tempo account, a message will appear prompting the user to contact you to complete this link.


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