How do I connect the Tempo mobile app to Tempo Timesheets?

Required Tempo product: Tempo Mobile

Before you can log work using the Tempo mobile app, you must link it to Tempo Timesheets by completing the following steps:

  1. Menu > Settings > Connect to Tempo Timesheets
  2. Enter the URL of your JIRA installation. If your JIRA instance starts with the ‘http’ header, you might have to edit the text to match. The Tempo mobile app will now validate the URL of your JIRA instance. If the connection is validated, a green checkmark will appear.
  3. Now, enter your JIRA username and password. Remember to use your JIRA username and not your e-mail address.

Now that you have connected the Tempo mobile app to Tempo Timesheets, your app will automatically be synced with Timesheets.

You can manage how the Tempo mobile app works with Tempo Timesheets using the following options:


  • Refresh User Information: Select this option to refresh the user information and worklog attributes that the Tempo mobile app retrieves from Tempo Timesheets.


  • Show Planned Time: Select whether or not to show planned time in the Calendar.

To disconnect Tempo Timesheets from the Tempo mobile app, click on Log Out at the bottom of the screen.


TIP: If you have trouble syncing your data, ensure that your company’s firewall is not preventing your access.

WARNING: Calendars that are hosted in Microsoft Exchange are not currently supported.

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