Getting an overview of all resources

Required Tempo product: Tempo Planner for Cloud 

Resources are all the people in your organization to whom you can assign work. 

The Resource Overview shows a high-level view of all your resources and how they are allocated. You can customize the resource overview by adding filters to change which resources are displayed.


Using the Resource Overview

You can access the resource overview in Tempo Planner, under the Overview tab.


By default, the overview shows the workload of all of the people who share teams with you. You can further refine using the Filter dropdown at the top of the page to show only the members you'd like. There are three different ways to filter the content, and they can be combined as you like:

  • Users. Select a user to show. The user will be added to the resource overview.
  • Teams. Select a team to show. The team will be added to the resource overview.
  • Roles. Select a role to show. Users and teams who have been assigned this role will appear in the resource overview.

If you are done working with your filtered list of resources, you can clear the filters again by clicking on Clear All.


Saving Resource Filters

Once you've found a filter that shows the resources you want, you can save it by clicking on Save Filter.

After you have saved the filter, you can make changes to it, and then save it again, or you can click on the dropdown to the right of Save Filter for more options:

  • Save As. Make a copy of the filter with a new name. The default name is "Copy of <old filter name>".
  • Rename. Rename the filter with a new name.
  • Delete. Delete the filter.


Configuring the Resource Overview

If you'd like to view specific information about your resources, you can use the Configure Overview button at the far right of the overview to select which columns to include. Possible columns are:

  • Roles. Shows the resource's role.
  • Available time (A). Shows the amount of time available for the resource, in hours.
  • Planned time (P). Shows the amount of planned time for the resource, in hours.
  • Workload (%). Shows the current workload for the resource.

You can also turn cell colors on to quickly view which resources are fully, partially, or over-allocated.  








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