New planning features in Tempo Planner for Server

About new planning features in Tempo Planner

As announced here, many new resource planning features are coming to Tempo Planner in the near term. 

With this release, you now plan using fixed hours for user plans, instead of a percentage of their workload capacity, and have the option to include non-working days in your plans. Users can also take advantage of these features when planning for themselves.


  • You now plan time for team members using fixed hours, instead of a percentage of their workload capacity - this allows for different workload and holiday schemes, and changes to individual workload schemes when planning for a team.
  • Team leads and users can now opt to include non-working days in their plans as needed.

You can also read more detailed information based on specific examples you may encounter during the transition here.

The comparison table below gives you a quick reference to help you understand the changes.

As always, our Helpdesk team is available to help guide you through the changes, receive your feedback and answer any questions you may have.


Comparison Table

Before After
Team plans and user plans are both based on % of workload. Team plans remain % of workload while user plans changes to fixed hours.
  Team plans serve to calculate the capacity of the team at the time when the plan is created.
REST endpoints, allocation resource and plans resource, accepted commitment as input. REST endpoints, allocation resource and plans resource, accept both commitment and seconds as input to ensure backwards compatibility, will return error if both empty.
 Planning on users 
When planning for a user you can select percentage or hours. Hours calculated as a percentage of workload. When planning for a user you can select hours per day or total hours for a period
Non-working days not included when planning on period Users can choose to include non-working days when planning for a period that extends over non-working days.
Changing workload scheme of a team member will change previously created plans. More hours per day in the workload scheme → Plans will be bigger. Changing the workload scheme for a team member will not affect existing plans, hours are fixed.
 Planning on teams 
When planning on a team you can select percentage of team availability  No change.
Team plans are reflected ie calculated onto team members based on workload and other user plans at the time of calculation.  No change.
Change of availability of individual team members will not affect size of reflected plan of others. No change. 
Less availability (user plans added, workload changed) of individual team members after team plan is created will reduce the size of the team plan. No change.
Reflected Team plans are visible in Resource Overview and Team Timeline. Reflected Team Plans will only be visible in Team Timeline going forward as we continue implementing Planning features in the Resource Planning view.
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