New Focus on Resource Management in Tempo Planner

As previously announced, the evolution of Tempo Planner into a powerful tool for resource management is well underway.

Up first is the new Resource Planning view, which represents the core of the new experience and is the new main page.  It includes several enhancements. Look for these changes starting in May.  

Given the sharper focus on resource planning and matching,  there are some features that will be deprecated, and eventually removed by the end of the year. The features being deprecated are those that focus on sprint and release planning, rather than resource management. You can read more about these  features here.

We’re very excited about these changes and hope you are too - excited enough to give them a chance during the transition period. We will be inviting you to participate  in surveys and webinars about the new and deprecated features to ensure that our vision reflects the feedback we’ve received to date - so please make sure you sign-up and let us know what you think of all the changes.

Now let’s get to the good stuff - here’s what’s new:

Resource planning view

The new Resource Planning view provides an overview of resource capacity that lets you see at a glance who’s available and who’s overbooked. Powerful filtering functions let you quickly match the right resources for the task or project.  Simply click a resource to view details about their plans, such as the approval status and who created the plan. The expanded view offers you an efficient way to manage current plans, and quickly create new ones.



You can view a weekly snapshot to see plan details for resources and to help you with your daily planning, or display a monthly view to see at glance where there are bottlenecks, gaps and opportunities for your teams when planning on a longer-term basis. Of course, you can specify the dates or period you want to focus on using the date-picker.

Plan Work Dialog Redesign:

The Plan Work Dialog now lets you create plans with a start and end time to allow you to schedule time-sensitive or dependant tasks to help team members organize their day more efficiently,  and ensure greater accuracy.

Planning in the My Work Calendar view

You can plan for yourself and view tasks assigned to you directly from the My Work Calendar view;  time planned by a team member can be configured to require approval from a Team Lead.

A My Work Gadget will be available so you can see your daily schedule from your dashboard at a glance.

As part of this initiative basic reporting on Planned time will be provided to be further built up on going forward.

Here’s how we’re hoping to:

Improve your day-to-day work

  • Increase efficiency; Quickly find available resources across the organization
  • Use filters to Identify available resources with the skills you need
  • Assign tasks to help set priorities.
  • Plan time on a short- or long-term basis, use-start and end times where needed
  • Plan and manage work directly from the Resource Planning or My Work view

Ensure transparency

  • Quickly see the approval status of plans
  • Track your progress dynamically with gadgets
  • Improved reporting

Maximize resource utilization

  • Get an overview of resource capacity
  • Ensure resources are being used to their capacity
  • Estimate future resource needs

Again, we hope you’re as excited by these changes as we are and we’d love your feedback! Surveys and webinars are being planned in the coming weeks, click here to be notified.


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