New permissions to manage data

New Tempo permissions let  you manage access to personal data and specify a data retention period with precision.

Access to worklogs and plans can now be granted using the new Team Permissions in Tempo - previously, the only way to manage worklogs was with the Jira Project Permissions. The table below describes the changes to the permission settings:


Old Permission/Role

New Team Permissions

Users with

Browse team permission

Will see teams made Visible to “specific users”, if they are included in the list

  • Who contains everyone who had Browse team permission

Note: Team members can always see their team

Users with

Plan time permissions

  • View team plans
  • Manage team plans
  • Approve plans

‘Planners: (team name)’ permission group will be created for each team and members migrated

Users with

Approve timesheets

  • View team worklogs
  • Approve timesheets

‘Approvers: (team name)’ - permission group will be created for each team and members migrated

Users in

Team lead role

No migration required as team leads already have all of the permissions above

Users in

Team member role

  • View team plans

Users with

Team administrator

global permission

Keep: Team administrator permission (CRUD for teams)

  • Manage team for all teams

In addition get:

  • View, Manage and Approve plans

Added to the ‘Planners: (team name)’ group

Users with

Tempo administrator

global permissions

Keep: Tempo administrator permission


  • View, Manage and Approve plans

Added to the ‘Planners: (team name)’ group

For complete information about configuring team permissions, click here.

Click here for more information about how Project and Team permissions give access to worklog data.

These permission changes are also reflected in how worklogs and plans are presented in Tempo, including when running reports. With the new permissions, if you run a report that contains data you do not have permissions to view, you will see an “Access restricted” message. You may need to modify permission settings to have access to the data you are trying to view. If you are affected by GDPR, please confirm with your privacy officer that your compliance will not be affected when making this type of change.

An example of permission settings that may result in the “Access restricted” message:

You have permission to view team worklogs for one team of many. Additionally, you have permission to View Issue Hours for a certain project.

If you run a report that summarizes worklogs for the project, you will see “Access restricted” for all team members for whom you don’t have View Worklogs permission.

In addition, you can now configure the length of time Tempo worklog data and plans are stored according to your policy; you can specify to retain them forever, or you can specify the number of days to keep each record for. The Permission Overview in Tempo Settings groups all permissions by type on a single page. You can view a brief description of each permission. For more detailed information, please visit our Help site (where you can also reach out to our support team for assistance). Additionally, you can register for a webinar to go over these changes; click here for the schedule.

Note that during the upcoming version update all existing Team permissions will be migrated, so this transition should not affect your current data access.

The deployment of these changes is being planned for a weekend, and this may result in some planned service interruptions - we will let you know in advance of the planned date.


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