New Permissions - Troubleshooting

Thank you for taking the time to review your permissions settings; below is a list of possible solutions to behaviour you might be experiencing following the introduction of our new permission settings:

Behaviour: When I try to access Team Views, I see a blank page, or the page doesn’t load:

Solution: It appears that your Add-on is lacking the Browse Users Permission; follow these steps to ensure you have the correct permission:

  1. Navigate to Jira Administration>System>Global Permissions
  2. Access the atlassian-addon-admin Group
  3. Grant the Browse Users Permission to this group
  4. Enter a ticket to advise us that the issue has occurred and that you have added the Browse User permission

Behaviour: I can see my team, but not their worklogs:

Solution: During the migration of permissions, we experienced an anomaly; we are working on a fix and appreciate your patience. Rest assured that no data was lost, it is just temporarily not visible.

Behaviour: I can’t see the same information I was previously able to when managing or administering Tempo:

Solution: Verify that you have the following permissions:


Previous permission


New permissions needed to view data as before:

  Users    with

Team administrator global permission

Team administrator permission (CRUD for teams)

Manage team                  permission for all            teams

View, Manage and Approve plans

Added to the ‘Planners: (team name)’ group

  Users    with

Tempo administrator global permissions

Tempo administrator permission

View, Manage and Approve plans

Added to the ‘Planners :(team name)’ group

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